The Teaching and Learning Rooms are intended for library instruction and collaborative research/learning purposes. 

  • Reservations for these rooms are mediated and must be approved.  An intended use must be included in the reservation. 
  • Group Study Room policies and room information
  • Reservations can be made for 3 hours per person per day.  If you have special needs, contact us.
  • For information on reserving the 9th floor of Millikan or the SFL Amphitheater, contact us.  Please note: no alcohol is permitted for any events scheduled for the 9th floor.
  • These rooms are not available as the meeting place for regularly scheduled classes.
  • Spaces cannot be used for events involving K-12 student groups.

The Teaching Resource Room on the 9th floor of Millikan is intended for teaching assistants to use as a room to meet with students or provide course materials to their students.  It is not intended to serve as a classroom. 

  • During the week, from 8am-4pm, the room is treated as a group study room and can be reserved here.  After 4pm until 12am, the room us treated as a teaching resource room.
  • On weekends, the room is available 9am to 12am by reservation only.
  • Reservations are only available to faculty, graduate students, and post docs who are teaching a course. 
  • Reservations can be made for up to 3 hours per person per day.  Special arrangements may be possible, contact us.
  • The room is not locked.
  • Please do not leave your personal belongings behind.
  • If you leave your personal belongings unattended, they will be subject to removal.  If we cannot ascertain who owns the items or cannot contact you, the items will be sent to the Security Office and you will be required to pick them up there.
  • To assure that a room is available, please make your reservations in advance.
  • If you have questions about this room, contact us.

The room contains a 52" HDTV monitor with VGA output, a whiteboard, and seating for 10 people.

The Multimedia Conference Room (MCR) is on the 3rd floor (#328) of the Sherman Fairchild Library.  The policy for use of the room has changed and will only through special request.    The room is intended for library instruction and collaborative research/learning sessions that utilize the technology of the room.  Contact us for such requests.

If you have an approved reservation, please check out the key for this room at the SFL circulation desk.  It contains:

  • Seating for 20
  • 90" HDTV monitor
  • Digital projector (with touch/annotation/capture capability)
  • Ability to send signal to monitor and/or projector from:
    • HDMI
    • VGA
    • AirMedia (wireless video and audio)
  • Podium with PC workstation and webcam (Skype installed)
  • Wall to wall whiteboards
  • Speakerphone (626-395-3447)
  • Food is not permitted in this room.  Drinks are permitted if in a spill-proof container.



Can't find the Group Meeting Room (SFL #326)?  This room is now listed under the group study rooms. Change the room selection below from Teaching and Learning Rooms to Group Study Rooms to find room #326's availability.