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Interested in learning how to create an interactive digital book to freely share on the internet? Bookdown is an easy-to-use platform that streamlines formatting text and media into a digital book format. This workshop will introduce Bookdown, give participants the skills to build their own digital books, and explain how the Caltech Library can support the publication and archiving of digital books. No prior experience with R, RStudio, or Markdown is necessary, but you must be able to install software on your computer.

Participants will learn the following:
- Basics of Markdown formatting
- How Bookdown can automate formatting of a digital book into html, pdf, and epub
- Working with citations and references
- Including LaTeX content in a book
- Embedding code and custom content, like videos

Before workshop, participants must:
- Install R and RStudio (latest versions, R 4.0.3 and RStudio 1.3.1093)
- Sign up for a GitHub Account (https://github.com/)

For questions, please contact library@caltech.edu.

Friday, October 23, 2020
9:00am - 10:00am

Registration is required. There are 22 spaces available.

Event Organizer

Kristin Briney
Tom Morrell