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What & Who: Caltech Library is offering a Python programming workshop to help researchers get their work done in less time and with less pain by teaching them basic research computing skills. This hands-on workshop, spread over four days, will cover basic concepts and tools in the context of scientific data analysis, including working in Jupyter notebooks, basic plotting, programming structures including loops and lists, working with files and conditionals, functions, and defensive programming.  

We expect that you have attended the Library's Introduction to Shell workshop and/or know how to navigate your computer on the command line.  

When: Tuesday–Friday, March 23–26, 2021.

Where: Online via Zoom

9:45-10:00am: Setup, discussion, troubleshooting (as needed, optional)
10:00-11:15am: Instruction (approximately 15 mins at end for optional review, discussion, troubleshooting)

Registration: This event is only open to the Caltech community  Please register using the link below. Since spaces are limited (40 spaces) and we expect the workshop to be oversubscribed, please only register if you are sure that you can attend.

For more information: If you have any questions about the workshop please contact the Library (library@caltech.edu).

Dates & Times:
9:45am - 11:15am, Tuesday, March 23, 2021
9:45am - 11:15am, Wednesday, March 24, 2021
9:45am - 11:15am, Thursday, March 25, 2021
9:45am - 11:15am, Friday, March 26, 2021

Registration is required. There are 8 spaces available.

Event Organizer

Tom Morrell
Stephen Davison