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Seat Availability

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The Caltech Library is offering outdoor study space to Caltech students in adherence to the “Public Health Reopening Protocol: Institutes of Higher Education” guidelines issued by the Pasadena Department of Public Health,  The outdoor study space is located on the east side of the Sherman Fairchild Library, and it is open Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm.

To use the Library’s outdoor reading room, students must comply with the following guidelines.

  • All users must use the COVID-19 reporting tool found in Access Caltech to attest they are symptom free and log the outdoor study space they use.
  • All users will maintain at least 6 ft separation.
  • All users will wear a face covering while using the outdoor study space.  This face covering should completely cover both nose and mouth and not have a respirator valve.
  • Eating and drinking water are allowed in the outdoor study space.  Place trash in the trashcan and clean table after you are done.
  • Each study space is designated by a table or lawn umbrella.  Each study space is limited to use by one student at a time.
  • While using the outdoor study spaces you must use headphones, earbuds, or some device other than your computer’s speaker. Please be mindful of your speaking volume.
  • Arriving 15 minutes past your reserved time slot may result in forfeiting your reservation.
  • Use of the spaces is limited to students currently living on-campus.

Any non-students and/or any students not complying with these guidelines may be asked to leave the outdoor study space.

Library staff are monitoring the outdoor study space every 30 minutes from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday and cleaning as needed.

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